We've signed up to the Career Ready programme!

We've signed up to the Career Ready programme!

Our journey with Career Ready started at yesterday's employer induction.  

Career Ready is a national charity at the heart of a network of educators and employers who all believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to kick-start a rewarding future.

Career Ready empower young people by connecting them with the world of work, providing workplace experiences, career insights, and a network of support.  The futures of far too many young people are determined by background, not potential.  Young people are given a platform to develop new skills, grow their confidence, and find the right career path for them.

Career Ready Scotland's vision is that every young person progresses to a positive post-school destination and is able to prosper in the world of work. Every student has potential, yet does not necessarily have access to the networks and opportunities to unlock it.

We look forward to the matching process & meeting our student shortly!



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